JS Hunting Safaris

                                                               JS Hunting Safaris offers its clients access to the best hunting areas in South Africa.                                               We believe in ethical hunting and pride ourselves in offering the client just that.                                                     Whether it is Dangerous Game you are after or Plains Game, JS Hunting Safaris                                                     ensure that you and your family have a safe and enjoyable hunt. We have fully                                                     Equipped, well maintained 4X4 hunting vehicles and all the equipment needed to                                                 make the hunt successful. We also offer our clients a variety of Firearm for hire,                                                   should you decide not hassle with the importation and exportation of your private firearm into South Africa. See bottom of page for a full list of Firearm for Hire. 
JS Hunting Safaris offers Rifle, Black Powder, Handgun and Bow Hunting Safaris. We offer dedicated Bow Hunting concessions for the discerning clients. These concessions cater for the Bow hunter with a variety of different hides. Most hides are ground blinds, but tree stands are available on some concessions. Walk and stalk Bow hunts is also possible on some of the concessions. We also offer Dangerous Game walk and stalk hunts with Bow to clients should they want it. 
Since JS Hunting Safaris is based in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa, we concentrate most of our hunts down in this area. The Eastern Cape offers clients the biggest diversity in terrain. From the thickets of the coast, to the semi-arid Karoo, the Eastern Cape offers the biggest variety of animal’s species to hunt.
Since the Eastern Cape is such a big and vast area to explore and hunt, we make use of different
hunting methods:
Spot and Stalk method. Here we use our vehicles to drive to advantage points such as hillsides,
rocky outcrops or into a deep valley, from where we will get to the best point to spot animals. Then
when the right animal is spotted, the Professional Hunter will use his skills to get under the wind 
and use all his scenes to get you as close a possible to make the kill shot. This is one of our most
preferred hunting methods. 
Walk and Stalk. Sometimes the Professional Hunter will use his knowledge of nature and animal behaviour, drive to a point with his client and walk through the area. This method is used in areas where there are not a lot of advantage points for the PH to spot animals. It also provides for an interesting hunt, as you never know what you will bump into next. Patience and the ability to move quietly in the bush is a must.
Sit and wait. Now if you are a hunter you would have done this many times. Your Professional Hunter and Tracker with their vast knowledge of animals and their behaviour will find a suitable place to set you up. This method is used for some of the more elusive species of animals such as Kudu, Bushpig and Bushbucks. This method takes a lot of patience, but the rewards are worth it. 

Rifle Hire

Take the hassle out of bringing your own rifle and hire one from us. JS Hunting Safaris offers its clients a variety of rifles to choose from when on safari. Whether it is  plains game or dangerous game you're after, we have a rifle and calibre to suit your needs. Rifles can be hired at $60 per day that will also include a box of 20 rounds of ammunition. Any more ammunition needed can be bought at cost from JS Hunting Safaris. 
Here is a list of Rifles for hire:
.22 Krico with Leopold 4x12x40 scope                                                                         
.223 Marlin with Vortex 3.5x10x50 scope
.22-250 Howa with Vortex 3.5x10x50 scope
.270 Howa with Vortex 3x9x50 scope
.308 Sako with Lynx 2.5x10x56 scope
.30-06 Howa with Vortex 3x9x40 scope
.300 Win Mag Winchester with Leopold 3.5x10x50 scope
.338 Win Mag with Vortex 3.5x10x50 scope
.375 H&H Sako with Vortex 3.5x10x50 scope
.416 Rigby Double with Trijicon RMR dot sight (For PH use on dangerous game)
.458 Lott Remington Custom with Leopold 1.5x5x32 scope
12GA Beretta semi outo Shotgun
12 GA Diarm Over and Under Shotgun

Firearms & Ammunition:
If you decide to bring your own firearms you will need to download and complete the SAP520 form from the link below.
Download SAP 520